Extending plugin functionality

Plugin is easily extendable for new types of parameters, models and outputs.

Below, a use case of adding support for a new regression model type (with new parameters in UI) is presented:
  • Edit the main UI form (or appropriate child widget), e.g. deepness_dockwidget.ui.

    Add new widgets as needed.

  • Add parsing of these UI values to RegressionParameters within deepness_dockwidget.py file

  • Add routines for saving and loading these parameters in project settings, as it is done for other parameters (file deepness_dockwidget.py)

  • Create a new model type in directory processing/models (or derive from an existing one, e.g. Regressor, and overwrite required functionality)

  • Register created model type within ModelType class

  • Add a unit test in test directory. Use this test to validate and debug the logic before running in UI